Monday November 20, 2017

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Level 1 - Every Option in Equipment Acquisition

Irrespective of whether you’re looking to acquire precision T&M instruments for the first time, replace units you already have or gear up to meet increased business demands or specific project requirements, TMG offers all the flexible options needed to provide a finely tailored response to your exact short, medium or long-term needs.

You can select from over 20,000 top quality test equipment items that we hold in stock at our Head Office in Melbourne; or even have us source a particular unit you prefer from any of the world’s leading manufacturers.

You can elect to purchase the latest new-release models at the keenest prices; or save up to 90% by investing in our proven ability to restore 'experienced' instruments to ‘as new’ condition.

You can also choose from the most innovative (and competitive) 'Rent, Lease or Buy' options according to what best suits you.


TMG has the largest range of test equipment rental solutions in Australia, especially within the RF and Telecommunication technologies.

Renting is your smart cost-effective choice in many situations to:

  • Supplement your own inventory for peak or project demands
  • Replace existing test equipment due to calibration and/repair delays
  • Avoid the "hidden" cost of ownership - Calibration, Repair, Storage and Depreciation
  • Minimise your capital equipment expenditure
  • Avoid technological obsolescence

Buy - Refurbished/ex-Demo

TMG has the largest range of refurbished test equipment in the Southern Hemisphere with currently over 20,000 items in stock.

TMG can tailor your refurbished purchasing requirements including offering a NATA/Traceable calibration option.

Some of the major benefits of purchasing refurbished test equipment include:

  • Saving money and reducing capital expenses
  • Receiving faster delivery than new equipment
  • Avoiding expensive software rewrites
  • Stretching your budget to buy more equipment

Buy - New

  • Unbiased selection process
  • Single Vendor supply from Multiple Manufacturers
  • Need attenuators or custom cables to go with your spectrum analyser?
      Get it all new from one location, saving you time and money.

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