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RENT or BUY a Rohde & Schwarz SMA100A RF Signal Generator, 9 kHz to 3 / 6 GHz from TMG

Rohde & Schwarz


RF Signal Generator, 9 kHz to 3 / 6 GHz

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The R&S SMA100A combines superior signal quality with very high setting speed, which makes it ideal for any task. Whether in development, production, service or maintenance, the R&S SMA100A does an excellent job.

In the frequency range from 9 kHz to 6 GHz, it can generate CW signals as well as all common types of analog modulation (AM, FM, φM, pulse modulation). Excellent specifications and a wide range of modulation signals – these are the characteristic features of the R&S® SMA100A. In addition, a low-jitter clock synthesizer option supplies differential clock signals of up to 1.5 GHz independently of the RF frequency.

Excellent signal quality
  • Very low SSB phase noise of typ. –135 dBc (20 kHz carrier offset, f = 1 GHz, 1 Hz measurement bandwidth), typ. –140 dBc with the Enhanced Phase Noise Performance option (R&S SMA-B22)
  • Wideband noise of typ. –160 dBc (>10 MHz carrier offset, f = 1 GHz, 1 Hz measurement bandwidth)
  • Nonharmonics of typ. –100 dBc (>10 kHz carrier offset, f < 1500 MHz, with the R&S SMA-B22 option)
Ideal for use in production
  • Very short frequency and level setting times of <3 ms across the entire frequency and level range, <450 μs in the list mode
  • Fast hopping mode with flexibly addressable frequency and level pairs, as fast as normal list mode
  • Frequency setting time of typ. <10 μs within a bandwidth of 40 MHz due to direct access to the DDS-based synthesizer (with the R&S SMA-B20 or -B22 option)
  • Electronic attenuator with built-in overvoltage protection over entire frequency range
  • High output power of up to +18 dBm, overrange +28 dBm
  • Very high level accuracy and repeatability
Mil / Aero applications
  • Pulse modulator with excellent characteristics (on/off ratio >80 dB, rise/fall time typ. 10 ns)
  • Pulse generator integrated as standard
  • Optional high-performance pulse generator with minimum pulse width of 20 ns (R&S SMA-K23)
  • Optional VOR/ILS modulation (R&S® SMA-K25)
All-purpose instrument
  • Frequency range of 9 kHz to 3 GHz / 6 GHz
  • Frequency, level and LF sweeps
  • AM, broadband FM/φM (R&S SMA-B20 or -B22), pulse modulation
  • Built-in LF generator up to 1 MHz, optional multifunction generator (R&S SMA-K24) up to 10 MHz
  • Optional low-jitter clock synthesizer up to 1.5 GHz (R&S SMA-B29)
Intuitive operating concept
  • Intuitive user interface with graphical display of signal flow (block diagram)
  • Context-sensitive online help
Versatile interfaces
  • Remote control via GPIB or LAN
  • USB connectors (e.g. for keyboard, mouse, memory stick)
  • Connector for R&S® NRP power sensors for precise power measurements
  • Selectable SCPI- or 8662A/63A-compatible IEC/IEEE bus command set
  • Control via remote operation tool (e.g. VNC)


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