Tuesday November 21, 2017

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Cable Locators are used by operators of long-line cable systems, pipelines, and utility distribution networks. Precision buried service locator (Cable Locators) deliver precision location of underground services even in difficult and congested areas whether marking, surveying or mapping. Time Domain Reflectometers (TDR) are instruments tailored for the telecoms, CATV and power markets.


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Manufacturer [+] [-] Model [+] [-] Product Image Short Description Request Quick Quote
JDSU / VIAVI ETDR-10 Cable Fault Locator Quick Quote Request
Dynatel 965D-PCIR PCIR Cable Quick Quote Request
Dynatel 965DSP-A Subscriber Loop Test Set Quick Quote Request
Radiodetection 1205CXA Coaxial TDR Quick Quote Request
Radiodetection 1270A Cable Fault Locator / TDR Quick Quote Request
Radiodetection RD432PDL Precision Pipe & Cable Locator Quick Quote Request
Tektronix 1503C TDR Cable Tester with Printer Quick Quote Request
Metrotech 510 Pipe And Cable Llocator Quick Quote Request
JDSU EFL-10 Fault Locator Bridge Quick Quote Request




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