Tuesday September 26, 2017

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AC/DC Calibrators provide alternating or direct current at varying voltage and current to a device under test. These devices are generally used as reference standards to calibrate other test equipment, such as meters, oscilloscopes, recorders, and more.


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Manufacturer [+] [-] Model [+] [-] Product Image Short Description Request Quick Quote
Fluke 5500A Multi-Product Calibrator Quick Quote Request
Fluke 5520A Multi-product calibrator Quick Quote Request
Fluke 5700A Multifunction Calibrator Quick Quote Request
Fluke 5725A Amplifier Quick Quote Request
California Instruments 1501IX 1500VA Single Phase AC/DC Power Source Quick Quote Request
Fluke 5720A Multifunction Calibrator Quick Quote Request
Agilent / HP 4440B Decade Capacitor 40pf-1.2uf Quick Quote Request
Fluke 731B DC Reference Standard Quick Quote Request
Fluke 720A Voltage Divider Quick Quote Request
Fluke 540B AC Thermal Transfer Standard Quick Quote Request



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