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TMG News: January 2018

VIAVI Product Flash

VIAVI Solutions introduces new, all-in-one optical test platform to improve installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting of fiber optic networks


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  • Easy to use: high-visibility, multi-touch screen with permanent touch keys
  • Flexible & upgradeable: dual-bay handheld platform with field replaceable modules
  • Supports existing 4100 series modules and new MA2, MA3, MP2 ODTR modules
  • Flexible connectivity: Ethernet, WiFi, Bluetooth
  • Simple certification: cloud-based or on-board SOR & PDF report generation
  • Cost-effective (3yr warranty)
TMG News: December 2017

Check out our '2017 Christmas Specials' page and our NEW 'nbn Contractors' page




FTTC is here and TMG are here to help!

FTTC Architecture Overview, Test Equipment & Tools

We've put together a FTTC architecture overview that covers all of the test equipment and tools you'll require to get the job done with the best return on investment!

  • Check out our equipment requirement overview.
  • We're stocking now and creating custom packages to save you $$$'s
NBN FTTC Brochure
>Click here for the PDF<

VIAVI have Acquired Trilithic

TMG, VIAVI's Elite Partner in Australia, are proud to announce that we will soon be stocking & supporting the Trilithic range of instruments!:

  • Predominantly known in Australia for their HFC/RF leakage detectors.
  • Trilithic's long history of manufacturing quality test equipment which makes it a perfect fit for VIAVI's & TMG's HFC portfolio.
  • Rest Assured TMG will be stocking, supporting and providing the best value to our customers on the Trilithic range.

>Click here to see our range of NBN HFC Testers<


NBN/Telstra Copper/ADSL/VDSL and HFC COAX Testing

NBN - PON Meters / OTDRs

Gas Detectors

ISGM Contractor Packages

JDSU / VIAVI Rohde & Schwarz Weinschel Haefely Sumitomo Teletech Kepco Hameg Aegis E&I More Manufacturers

d RF, Fibre-optic, Ethernet, Copper and Electrical Test Equipment

d Quality range of Test Equipment

d One stop shop providing total solutions

Agilent Rohde & Schwarz Anritsu Tektronix radiodetection EXFO JDSU / VIAVI Digital Lightwave Aeroflex NetTest Sunrise Telecom Wandel & Goltermann Lecroy Aeroflex / IFR / Marconi Aegis More Manufacturers

d Largest range of Test Equipment in Australia

d Over 20,000 test equipment items in stock

d Australian warranty and support for peace of mind

Agilent Rohde & Schwarz Wandel & Goltermann Tektronix NetTest Kingfisher Fluke JDSU / VIAVI Anritsu EXFO Aeroflex / IFR / Marconi Schaffner Spirent Aeroflex More Manufacturers

d Cut costs with TMG's unique "Ongoing Rental Reduction" model

d Large quantity deliveries within 1 week on most common items

d Rent whilst new equipment is on order

d Specialising in project based rental requirements

d Largest range of Telecommunication Test Equipment in Australia

d Rental solutions from a wide range of quality test equipment manufacturers

d Our temperature and static controlled Calibration Laboratory and Repair Facilites are staffed by fully credentialed professionals who are meticulous in their attention to detail, operates in full compliance with strict NATA (National Association of Testing Authorities) standards of measurement and reporting (ISO/IEC 17025:2005)

d Unique single point to send your Fibre-optic, RF, DC, AC, Video and Audio test equipment for calibration

d Should your instruments fail calibration needing repair, TMG repair engineers are based in the same location, saving you time and money

d Potential in saving costs by Repair rather than replacement

d Quicker turn around time than purchasing new

d Capabilities to verify performance to specification in our well equipped calibration laboratory - single vendor repair and calibration

d Serviced by staff with extensive experience and expertise across a diverse range of test equipment technologies

d Capability ranging from legacy to modern test equipment

d TMG specialises in monitoring legacy to modern test equipment. Should your item not be economically repairable our staff can assist you in replacing your items with either a refurbished or new test equipment solution


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