DS1 / DS3 Test Set

JDSU / VIAVI HST3000-T3 DS1 / DS3 Test Set


Hand-held, rugged and easy-to-use, the HST-3000 is ideal for field use. The HST-3000 ensures optimal DS3
network performance by performing end-to-end BER testing and measuring frequency and signal levels on the circuit under test. Technicians can quickly qualify networks for accurate multiplexed operation by performing BER testing on one or all DS1 channels transmitted by a DS3 multiplexer. The HST-3000 DS3 option comes
standard with dual DS3 receivers for bi-directional monitoring. Additionally, the option includes dual transmit and receive DS1 interfaces to provide an all-in-one application based approach to testing both the DS3 interface as well as the
T1 tributary.

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