Agilent / HP


6.5 Digit Digital Multimeter


This microprocessor-based, fully guarded, integrating Digital Multimeter is designed for bench or systems. The HP Model 3456A measures DC, true RMS AC voltage and resistance.

Measurement speed and accuracy can be enhanced for a specific application, using the HP 3456A's selectable integration time (up to 100 power line cycles). An operator can select up to 330 readings/second for high speed bursts or one reading every fifteen minutes for periodic measurements. Resolution of 100 nanovolts at 48 readings/second (6 1/2 digits) to 10 microvolt resolution at 330 readings per second (3 1/2 or 4 1/2 digits) can be selected.

Transfer standard performance is assured with the HP 3456A. With good repeatability and 100 nanovolt sensitivity, accuracy on the ten volt range is +/- 0.0008% +2 counts over a 24-hour period at 23 deg. C +/- 1 deg. C.

Four full-scale, true RMS AC voltage ranges are provided, with reading speeds up to 12 readings per second over a 10 HZ to 250 kHz frequency range. Best accuracy is 0.05%. Crest factor is greater than seven at full scale.

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