Agilent / HP


Dual Ch (20 GHz Electrical/2.8 GHz Optical) Plug-in Module


The Agilent 86101A allows users to test signals operating at 1063 or 1250 Mb/s as well as other high-speed telecommunications signals. The calibrated, integrated optical receiver, with over 2.8 GHz bandwidth, allows for measurement of single-mode or multimode optical signals. An average power meter is built-in. For compliance testing, a hardware filter for both 1063 Mb/s or 1250 Mb/s testing can automatically be switched in to create a calibrated Fibre Channel or Gigabit Ethernet reference receiver. The switchable filter minimizes setup time while maximizing measurement repeatability. 155 and 622 Mb/s filters are also available.


  • Dual Channel
  • 20/12.4 GHz bandwidth electrical channel
  • 2.8 GHz Optical (multimode fiber, short wavelength) channel
  • Integrated/calibrated optical channel with sensitivity to below -17 dBm
  • 750 to 860 nm wavelength range
  • Automatic/switchable filters for compliance testing at both 1063 and 1250 Mb/s or 155/622 Mb/s
  • 2.5/12.5 GHz trigger channel (set by mainframe)

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