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EMI measurement software


The Agilent E7415A* software package has everything you need to perform radiated and conducted emissions measurements and test your product. Simply select the regulation you would like to test and the software will automatically set the bandwidths, limit lines, and transducer factors required for you test. In addition, you can easily customize the setup libraries to meet your own specific needs. Once the tests are run you can use your PC to capture, analyse, compare your data as well as create and generate test reports. * Requires hardware license key connected to parallel port of computer * Fast-easy measurement setup * Repeatable measurement results * Export measurement results to your word processor or spreadsheet Hardware / Software Requirements: Supported EMC analysers with GP-IB interface option: E7400A Series EMC Analysers 8590EM Series EMC Analysers 8542E / 8546A EMC Receivers Operating System Requirements: Microsoft Windows981 Microsoft WindowsNT1 4.0 (Service Pack 3 or higher) Microsoft Windows20001 Microsoft WindowsXP1 PC GP-IB Interface Requirements: Agilent 82350A, 82350B, or 82357A GP-IB interface National Instruments PCI-GPIB, or PCMCIA-GPIB interface

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