DranView Software


Dran-View is a Windows-based package that enables power professionals to simply and quickly visualize and analyse power monitoring data. It is a snap to navigate, delivers automated functionality, and incorporates powerful analytical capabilities and customizable options to meet the needs of each individual user. - A simple mouse click allows you to quickly scroll through data, zoom in on disturbances, trend data, filter events, evaluate statistics, and perform advanced harmonic and interharmonic analyses. - The software has been optimized for speed and to accommodate large data sets. - Flexibility has been integrated throughout the package?users can customize both appearance and behavior. - Two versions are available?one for the everyday user (Pro), the second for advanced power professionals (Enterprise). Multi-functional Dran-View helps you make the most of complex data, so that you can spend time where it counts most--evaluating, troubleshooting and preventing power quality events.

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