1625 Kit

GEO Earth Ground Tester


The new Fluke 1625 GEO Earth Ground Testers offers an innovative solution, called Stakeless testing, to make your earth ground loop resistance testing quicker and easier. No need for a separate earth ground clamp.


  • 3- and 4-pole earth ground measurement
  • 4-pole soil resistivity testing
  • 2-pole resistance measurement AC
  • 2- and 4-pole resistance measurement DC
  • Selective testing, no disconnection of ground conductor (1 clamp)
  • Stakeless testing, quick ground loop testing (2 clamps)
  • Earth impedance measurement at 55 Hz
  • Automatic frequency control (AFC) (94, 105, 111, 128 Hz)
  • Measuring voltage switchable 20/48V

Specifications:Download Specifications

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