True RMS Voltmeter

Fluke 8921A True RMS Voltmeter


The 8921A True RMS Voltmeter bandwidth capabilities encompass many applications from testing high-frequency oscillators, attenuator flatness, and amplifier response to microphone levels, vibration tests and noise levels. Features: True-RMS AC with read-out in Volts or dB, AC or AC+DC measurements, Autoranging, Selectable dBm Reference Impedance, Analog Display for Peak/Null Adjustments, Relative dB Measurements. Partial Specifications: Input Impedance- 10MW shunted by <30pF, Max. Input- 700V rms or 1000V peak, Voltage Range- 180uV to 700V, Decibel Range- in the Autorange mode, the instrument appears as though it has a single range spanning 131dB, dBm References- 12 user selectable impedances to reference a 0 dBm, 1mW level (50, 75, 93, 110, 124, 135, 300, 600, 900, 1000, or 1200 Ohm impedance). Option 03 Counter Output, drives frequency counters, extends the range of frequency counter voltage inputs from 1.8mV to 700V.

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