Optical Fiber Cable Software

JDSU / VIAVI EOFS200 Optical Fiber Cable Software


  • Improve productivity and generate professional cable acceptance test reports using OTDR, PMD, AP, CD, IL, and ORL results
  • All results analysis (supported by OFS-100).
  • Direct access keys for easy process and efficiency.
  • Complete fiber characterisation reporting capability, including bi-directional OTDR, CD, PMD, AP, IL, and ORL.
  • Advanced OTDR functions for loopback and mid-point management.
  • Powerful report preview for error-free printout.
  • Includes all OFS-100 FiberTrace features.
  • Automatic bi-directional OTDR trace combination according to queries.
  • Bi-directional status management, including missing events, distance too large, etc.
  • Individual or combined OTDR, PMD, IL, and ORL report generation.
  • Step-by-step report generation.
  • Report preview.
  • Out-of-range alarm on all measurements.
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