INSPECTION KIT - 400X FBE PROBE W/HD3-P4 DISPLAY FBE-SM5 includes an FBE series 400X Probe Microscope with an integrated HD3-P4 display (includes a power supply/charger with US plug). Also included are 2 FBET series inspection tips (SC & LC) for bulkhead inspection and 2 FMAE adapters (Univ. 2.5mm and Univ 1.25mm) for inspecting patch cords. Kit also includes a carrying case which holds all the components of this kit. The HD3-P display further expands the value of the popular HD3 series by integrating a PATCHCORD MICROSCOPE (PCM) into the compact design. The result is a significant increase in workflow efficiency and decrease in total inspection time. By combining the power of two microscopes into one system, the HD3-P enables you to inspect both the “female” (bulkhead) and “male” (patch cord) sides of a fiber interconnect at the same time. The patch cord scope accepts our FMAE Series adapters, but is configurable to accept FMA Series adapters with the use of a coupler. The HD3 product line provides ultimate portability and workflow in field applications with a compact design that fits in the palm of your hand. Features include: • 1.8” TFT LCD display • Power-saving GripSwitch™ feature designed for comfort and efficiency provides instant-ON when held in hand and turns power OFF when released, to extend battery life. • Built-in rechargeable NiMH battery pack with 3 hours (continuous) run time. • Low battery warning LED - illuminates when battery life has <30 minutes remaining.

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