Pocket-Sized Optical Power Meter

JDSU / VIAVI OLP-5 Pocket-Sized Optical Power Meter


For the installation and maintenance of singlemode and multimode cables, systems, and networks

The OLP product line of pocket-sized optical power meters provides an excellent price/performance ratio for universal, singlemode loss test and systems power measurements.

The OLP Pocket-Sized Optical Power Meters can be part of a Pocket-Sized Optical Test Kit. The Pocket-Sized Optical Test Kits contain one power meter and one light source as standard. This combination is ideal for power and loss measurement.


  • TWINtest cuts test time in half and simplifies handling due to automatic attenuation measurements at 850/1300 nm or 1310/1550 nm.
  • Auto-lambda automatic wavelength detection and simple fiber identification together with an JDSU OLS light source.
  • Easy three-button operation lets you concentrate on your work at hand.
  • Lightweight, portable, rugged, and shock-proof design guarantees long life.
  • Includes a handy nylon belt pouch.


  • The OLP-5 is the economical solution for LAN applications with a dynamic range of -60 to +5 dBm.
  • The OLP-6 is the universal solution for telecommunications applications with a dynamic range of -65 to +10 dBm.
  • The OLP-8 is the solution for the measurement of high optical power values in the range of -50 to +23 dBm.

Key Features

  • Extra long battery lifetime (>130 hours).
  • Battery replacement indicator.
  • Powered from standard dry batteries or rechargeable cells.
  • Universal push-pull adapter (UPP).

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