Pulse Mode Source Meter

Keithley 2430 Pulse Mode Source Meter


The Keithley 2430 1kW Pulse Mode Source Meter offers the same DC source and measurement ranges as the 2425 Source Meter, plus a unique 1kW pulse mode that extends the upper current limit to 10A. The 2430 pulse mode is perfect for measuring the breakdown voltage of many types of high-power devices, including multi-layer varistors and semiconductor components. This unit combines programmable bipolar voltage and current sourcing of up to 10A @ 100V (pulsed). In Addition, the 2430 can be programmed to produce individual pulses or pulse trains up to 5ms wide and with varying duty cycle on most source ranges. Pulses up to 2.5ms long and an 8% duty cycle can be programmed on the instrument's 1kW range.


  • 1kW source capability in a half-rack
  • Built-in Source Memory programmable sequencer stores up to 100 different tests
  • Rugged design with 75,000-hour MTBF
  • Built-in comparator simplifies pass/fail testing
  • Digital I/O for fast binning or connection to component handlers
  • 0.012% basic accuracy with 5-1/2-digit resolution for precise measurements

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