Keithley 485 Picoammeter


If you have little amps running around and need to know how many, the 485 Autoranging Picoammeter is the meter for you. Rather than showing only approximate amps, the 485 will measure and store up to 100 readings and then allow data recall at a later time for evaluation. In the data store mode, readings can be take from 3 readings/second to 1 reading/hour in 6 selectable ranges. Large 4 1/2-digit LCD provides the resolution (0.1 pA) needed for today's technology. Measures from 2 nA to 2 mA full scale with a 1 year accuracy of ?(0.4% + 4 counts) on the 2 nA range (worst case). Other handy features include manual or autoranging, polarity/range/status/overrange indications, and an analog output (+1 V = -10000 counts, except +100 mV on 2 nA range).

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