BHK 1000-40MG

DC Power Supply, 1000V 40mA, 40W

Kepco BHK 1000-40MG DC Power Supply, 1000V 40mA, 40W


Kepco’s BHK-MG are high voltage, linear, voltage-current stabilizers with rectangular (automatic crossover) output characteristic. They are offered in two sizes: a 40 watt half-rack design and a 200 watt full-rack power supply. The four models in each size have outputs of 0-300 volts, 0-500 volts, 0-1000 volts and 0-2000 volts. Both digital and analog programming control is featured. Two sizes: half-rack 40 watts, full-rack 200 watts. FET output stage. Conventional filtering or fast response. Fast analog programming mode. Rapid recovery current mode in fast mode. Local control from panel-mounted keypad. Built-in GPIB, IEEE 488.2, 12 bits. Built-in RS 232 (except BHK 300-0.8MG; contact Kepco if this feature required) Support for SCPI language. 2-line 16 character LCD display. Full read back of voltage and current on the bus. Increased resolution and accuracy (x10) for reading small current. Versatile output on/off port (40 watt model). Extensive Protection circuitry The unit is supplied with a 5 Year Warranty.

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