BOP 20-10M

Bipolar Power Supply, 20V, 10A, 200W

Kepco BOP 20-10M Bipolar Power Supply, 20V, 10A, 200W


Kepco's bipolar BOP power supplies are available in 100W, 200W and 400W sizes. For applications requiring higher voltage, Kepco's Series BOP-HV are available in 500V and 1000V models. BOP are high speed power operational amplifiers that can be used to provide dynamically agile voltage for test and simulation. They are not general purpose power supplies. By the nature of the bipolar high speed design, they do not have any energy-storage noise discriminating output capacitors. To realize the full high speed potential of BOP, the load characteristics should be mainly resistive. If the load is capacitive, (>0.1 microfarad), the BOP must be slowed to avoid oscillation. This is accomplished in voltage mode by increasing the value of the feedback capacitance. Special terminals on the user port are available to slow the BOP for optimum current-mode stability into inductive loading. BOP, while fully rated power supplies, are also high-powered operational amplifiers with full 4-quadrant, bipolar operation. Their output is capable of both sustained d-c and the replication of arbitrary a-c waveforms. Source and sink 100% of their current rating. See Figure 1. Separate control circuits for voltage and current with automatic crossover to current and voltage limits. All controls and flag signals accessible through a 50-terminal user- port at the rear. Zeroable preamplifier available for scaling and summing external signals. Optional digital displays. Specify by substituting the suffix "D" in place of the "M." The unit is supplied with 5 Year Warranty.

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