TV/Satellite Spectrum Analyser

Promax MC-377+ TV/Satellite Spectrum Analyser


The MC377 PLUS offers an excellent balance of technical functions and mechanical features. It is compact and light but still rugged, and includes a reasonably large 4.2" screen. As a signal analyser, the instrument provides the user with an on-screen indication of the signal level by means of a bar graph. The adjustment of the measurement frequency is carried on by a multi-turn potentiometer and a fine tuning. The frequency is shown on the 5 digit LCD display. In addition, it has an acoustic indicator that makes the location of level peaks easier. It demodulates video and audio signals on television bands. The audio carrier is predefined according to the selected version.


  • VHF Low VHF Band (VLO) 48.25 Mhz - 168.25 Mhz
  • High VHF band (VHI) 175.25 - 447.25 Mhz
  • UHF Band 455.25 Mhz to 855.25 Mhz
  • Satelite IF Frequency range 950-2050 MHz
  • Video/audio carrier ratio
  • Satellite test support
  • Power Supply to mast head/LNB 0/13/18 Volt @350mA
  • CRT readout & 5 digit LCD screen
  • Spectrum - Max & var. span
  • TV monitor - B & W 4.5" screen
  • Speaker - TV Demodulation
  • Internal Lead Acid Battery

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