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Rohde & Schwarz EMC32 EMC Measurement Software


The EMC Measurement Software R&S® EMC32 runs on 32-bit operating systems from Microsoft and offers a common user interface for electromagnetic interference (EMI) and electromagnetic susceptibility (EMS) measurements. The software is a modern and powerful tool for controlling and monitoring Rohde&Schwarz EMI test receivers and EMC test systems. It guarantees reliable collection, evaluation and documentation of measurement results.

Thanks to its comprehensive and extremely flexible configuration capabilities and its open software structure, R&S® EMC32 can be used for all EMI and EMS measurements in line with commercial and military standards.

  • Modules for measuring electromagnetic interference (EMI) and electromagnetic susceptibility (EMS)
  • Support of measurements to commercial standards such as CISPR, IEC, ISO, EN, ETSI, VDE, FCC and ANSI
  • Manual and automatic EMI and EMS measurements
  • Can be combined with EMC test systems and EMI test receivers/analysers from Rohde&Schwarz
  • Graphical user interface for instrument and system configuration
  • Menu-guided, intuitive user prompting for all test sequences (virtual instrument)
  • Product-oriented test selection
  • EUT-specific data management
  • Modular calibration concept
    • Minimal recalibration effort required
    • Simplified test system certification
  • Assisted installation and configuration
  • Online help
  • Modular program structure
  • Easily upgradeable
  • Data storage in text format
  • Reports generated as RTF, HTML or PDF file
  • 32-bit software for Windows2000 and XP

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