1G and 2G Fibre Ch SmartMetrics Module

Spirent FBC-3602A 1G and 2G Fibre Ch SmartMetrics Module


Spirent's SmartBits FBC-3601A and FBC-3602A SmartMetrics modules allow SAN equipment manufacturers, storage system vendors, Storage Service Providers (SSPs), IT managers, and test labs to categorize the true performance, reliability, and quality of Fibre Channel-based SAN equipment and fabrics. The Fibre Channel modules emulate hundreds of attached devices, such as servers and storage systems. Combining the Fibre Channel modules with the SmartWindow test application, SmartBits is a powerful test platform for high-port density traffic generation and analysis. Requires Gigabit Interface Converter (GBIC) ACC-6019A (multi-mode) or ACC-6020A (single-mode).


  • Scale up to 192 ports
  • Full line rate traffic up to 2-Gbit/second
  • Simulate thousands of end nodes
  • Quick set up time
  • Repeatable deterministic traffic

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