Picture Quality Analysis System

Tektronix PQA200 Picture Quality Analysis System


The PQA200 analyses picture quality with repeatable, objective measurements that directly replicate subjective human visual assessments. These measurements provide invaluable information for engineers working to optimize video compression without compromising picture quality. Based on a Windows NT workstation, the PQA200 is both a generator and analyser of reference test material for testing compressed video systems. Standard inputs and outputs are 270 MB/s serial component (Rec. 601). In addition to reporting the Picture Quality Rating, the PQA200 provides an animated map whose intensity is related to the perceived differences between the original and captured image. This provides invaluable information for evaluation and optimization of digital video compression systems.


  • Provides Fast, Accurate and Repeatable Objective Picture Quality Measurements
  • Allows Use of Any Video for Evaluating and Optimizing Digital Video Compression Systems
  • Replaces Time-consuming and Expensive Human Assessment with a Reliable Alternative

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