4 Ch 3 GHz Digital Oscilloscope

Tektronix TDS694C 4 Ch 3 GHz Digital Oscilloscope


The TDS600C oscilloscopes incorporate triggering on Glitches, Slew Rate violations, Setup-and-hold Time violations, Timeouts, Logic Patterns and States on four channels. For applications where multi-channel debugging is required, they can be configured for cross triggering with a Tektronix TLA700 Logic Analyser. The TDS600C oscilloscopes give a total solution to your digital design characterisation and debugging need by allowing the user to verify design margins, characterize setup-and-hold times and measure clock-to-data skew on the fastest digital designs. The TDS600C offers 29 automatic measurements, with measurement statistics, to make design verification and characterisation job faster and easier. Available Java-based application packages for jitter analysis, disk drive measurements and processor specification measurements provide customized measurements and analysis capability.


  • 4 Channel
  • 3GHz Bandwidth
  • 30kpts/ch Memory in 4 Ch Mode

Specifications:Download Specifications
Manual:Download Manual

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