Digital Lines Test Set, ADSL

Teletech TX120A Digital Lines Test Set, ADSL


The TX120A is a low cost, multi-function test instrument, primarily for determining the suitability of twisted copper pairs for use by Pair Gain Systems, ISDN and HDSL but with application in the testing of such pairs for normal telephone services. Loading coils, build-out capacitors and surge protection devices are necessary components of many POTS lines. Bridged taps, split pairs, poor joints and leaky insulation are conditions that are undesirable but often tolerated on POTS lines. However, all of these conditions seriously affect the operation of high frequency systems and must, therefore, be found and eliminated or corrected before such systems can be installed. The TX120A consists of three main components. The SENDER is connected to one end of the line at the exchange, pillar or pit. The RECEIVER is connected to the other end of the line and displays all test results and controls the function of the SENDER. The PROBE is used, if necessary, to identify the pair under test.


  • Remote control of the connection of the pair under test (PUT) to the exchange.
  • Pair Identification using a distinctive warble tone.
  • Insertion Loss measurement at 820Hz with either 600? or TN12 complex termination.
  • Insertion Loss measurement at 3kHz with either 600? or TN12 complex termination.
  • Insertion Loss measurement at 40kHz, 100kHz,300kHz with 120? termination.
  • Noise measurement.
  • Longitudinal Balance measurement for detection of split pairs and other forms of line unbalance.
  • Remote end line looping for Pulse Echo Tester (PET) distance calibration and Bridge Fault Location.
  • Loop Resistance measurement.
  • Remote end line isolation.
  • DC Voltage measurement.
  • Insulation Resistance measurement at 500VDC.
  • Self-calibration check of SENDER against RECEIVER.

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