OneExpert HFC Tester (Dual Diplexer, RF / TAP Down Testing)

VIAVI ONX620V OneExpert HFC Tester (Dual Diplexer)


NBN Approved for use on NBN / Telstra’s HFC network.

The ONX-620V is specific to the Australian market and has been released initially as a TAP down (RF only) enabled tester (no DOCSIS).

With a simple user-friendly interface and pass/fail results, the ONX-620V makes testing fast and simple for NBN HFC Technicians of all levels of expertise.

As with all new VIAVI test equipment, the unit also comes with a 3 year manufacturer warranty and is backed by in-country TMG & VIAVI technical support.

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Simple – Every technician is an expert

  • Channel Plans built by the meter automatically
  • Expertise is built in - 'Session Expert' identifies issues & assists technicians to resolve them
  • Firmware & Software Updates via StrataSync (FREE VIAVI Cloud Service)

Fast - Testing and Troubleshooting faster than ever

  • Downstream scan including MER/BER in 60sec
  • 15x more Downstream coverage in half the time

Powerful & Future Proof - Get the most from your investment

  • Includes dual diplexer for 65 & 204MHz
  • Wi-Fi & Ethernet 1Gbps testing capability
  • Modular & Upgrade-able

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