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TMG - Radiodetection Solutions

TMG is an Australian Radiodetection Distributor, stocking a wide range of Pipe and Cable Locators and Ground Penetrating Radars / GPR's

Reducing Damage, Improving Safety

Locating underground services by using a cable and pipe locator before excavating improves safety, saves time and reduces costs by lowering the number of cable and pipe strikes during excavation.

Introductory video on the CAT4 & Genny

  • An overview of the Cat4 and Genny
  • What accessories come with the kit
  • The main features of the cat4ís transmitter and receiver
  • And a product demonstration overview




Radiodection Videos

Here you'll find our curated playlist on videos relating to the Radiodection range, including:

  • RD7100 & RD8100 Overview
  • Understanding Antenna Modes
  • Understanding Current Direction
  • RD1500 Overview - GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar)
  • Much more...

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