Agilent / HP


Spectrum Analyser, 10MHz - 22GHz


High performance and simple operation are combined with unique microprocessor-controlled capabilities in the 8569B Microwave Spectrum Analyser. Excellent sensitivity and internal preselection assure the wide, spurious-free measurement range necessary for production applications, while the digital display and couples controls speed measurement routines. The internal frequency range of 10MHz to 22GHz is extended using external mixers: to 40GHz in two bands (optional); to 71GHz with 11971 series mixers (sold separately); and to 115GHz with commercially available mixers. For semi-automatic operation, connect a desktop computer to the unit via HP-IB to allow access to the displayed trace data and the control settings necessary to analyse or record measurements, or display operator messages and prompts on the CRT. Direct, hard copy output to a digital plotter is possible with the need of a controller or any programming. Simplified three knob operation Wide resolution range (100Hz to 3MHz) Amplitude range from -123 to +30 dBm HP-IB display interface

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