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AmariSoft - UE, RAN & CORE

AmariSoft - UE, RAN & CORE

AmariSoft UE, RAN & Core Network Testing

High quality and affordable 5G NSA, 5G SA, LTE and Cellular IoT Test equipment

The AMARI Callbox is the ideal solution for testing 5G NSA and SA, LTE, LTE-M and NB-IoT devices.

It acts as a 3GPP compliant eNB and EPC allowing functional and performance testing.

While the Amarisoft UE simulator is an ideal solution to support functional and performance testing of 4G and 5G networks.

Acting as a 3GPP compliant LTE, NB-IOT and NR UE, it can simulate hundreds of UEs sharing the same spectrum.

Product Subcategories

AmariSoft - Callbox Series
AmariSoft - Callbox Series
AMARI Callbox is the ideal solution for 5G, LTE, NB-IoT user equipment end-to-end testing.
AmariSoft - UE Simbox Series
AmariSoft - UE Simbox Series
The AMARI UE Simbox is a cost effective UE simulator for eNodeB and core network functional and performance testing.
Thanks to AmariSoft's end-to-end technology, they provide boxes to cover UE, RAN and Core Network testing.

Logging and Measurements

Selective logging and display of all layers of 3GPP 5G and LTE stack as well as useful graphs and analytic tools

Automatic Test Setup and Scripting

Extensive WebSocket API allowing to send remote commands to eNodeB, gNodeB, EPC and 5G Core to ease test automation

Easy Configuration

Example configurations are included in software release in JSON format.

End-to-End Data Testing

Running on top of standard Linux in user space mode allows easy integration with IP services and using of native Linux tools for throughput testing

Channel Simulation

Included simulation of different DL channel types

Test Features

Allowing to override the nominal protocol behavior to simulate error cases.

High Performance

Supporting hundreds of UEs and multiple cells as well as carrier aggregation in downlink and uplink

Frequency Agnostic

Support of all LTE FDD and TDD frequency bands all 5G NR FDD and TDD Sub 6 GHz bands even non-standard ones allowing to deploy custom frequencies. 

3GPP Features

Early access to 3GPP features for rapid validation of features under development

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