Rental Solutions | Electro Rent Rental Solutions for all of your Telecommunications needs. TMG is proud to be partnered with Electro Rent to assist the Australian market in saving valuable capital by renting. Fill short and medium-term requirements. No up-front costs and a predict

Rental Solutions

Rental Solutions
Rental Solutions from TMG & Electro Rent


Telecommunications Testing

Design, Test and Deploy Communications Solutions Faster with Our Wide Range of Test Equipment. Choose from Solutions for 5G Wireless, Wireline, Fiber Installation, Fusion Splicing, Fiber Inspection, Drive Test, Data Communications, Transport/Ethernet Testing, Mining and More…


Reduce Costs with Renting

Save valuable capital by renting to fill short and medium-term requirements. With no up-front costs and a predictable monthly payment, renting makes sense for many projects. Our Customers Get the Equipment They Need with the Flexibility to Change, Eliminate Investment Risk and Lower the Costs of Ownership.

Rent the Latest Equipment

Access the World’s Largest Inventory of Over 100,000 Test Assets Fast.

Save by Using the Right Solution at the Right Time

Use Short-Term Rental for Peak Demands and Long-Term Rental for Longer Projects.

Electro Rent

For over 50 Years Electro Rent has been helping customers solve technical and financial test equipment challenges. With the merger of Microlease and Electro Rent, they are now proud to be the largest, most comprehensive test equipment services provider for market leaders around the world. With .1 billion of inventory and a world-class accredited calibration and repair lab, Electro Rent delivers where and when you need it.

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