SmartClass Frame Relay Software Option

JDSU / VIAVI CSC-E1-FR SmartClass Frame Relay Software Option


The JDSU E1 Service Testing Companion

The JDSU SmartClass E1, the latest member of the SmartClass product family, addresses today's E1 Service Testing demands. It is an economical, yet easy-to-use handheld point solution suitable for tier-1 field technicians.With its AutoConfig feature and color display, the lightweight, rugged, battery operated tester enables providers and contractors to install and commission service. It also meets the needs of mobile operators in the construction of E1 backhaul infrastructure.


  • Color display
  • Easy to use, lightweight, and rugged for E1 service installation
  • Smart AutoConfig required minimal training of the field technicians
  • Works with PC software to download results for report preparation
  • The User Interface is available in multiple languages
  • Dual ports for bi-directional monitoring and troubleshooting
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  • Terminate, Monitor, Bridge, and Local Loopback modes
  • G.703 - 2Mbit/s testing
  • 2M (Bulk), nx64kbit/s BERT
  • Performance G.821, G.826, and M.2100
  • Audio Monitor (VF drop)
  • VF level and frequency measurements, VF tone insert
  • E1 signal level measurement
  • ABCD/Sa monitoring
  • Round Trip Delay
  • Alarms (Defects) and Errors (Anomalies) insert

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