Next-Generation Cable Certifier

JDSU / VIAVI Certifier40G Next-Generation Cable Certifier


The revolutionary Touch2 design, with intuitive touch screen at both ends makes using the Certifier40G the easiest cable tester ever. The full screen at both ends allows users in the field to minimize their walking time by initiating, configuring, and storing tests from either side of a link or channel. Minimize time spent transferring results off the tester with the capacity to store over 2,000 full Cat-6A graph results. Market-leading 9 second Cat-6A certification time and 15 second Class FA certification ensures maximum installer productivity. The next-generation measurement engine can measure above and beyond the frequencies of current testers, certifying Class-FA frequencies with full Level IV accuracy. The Certifier40G can measure frequencies for all current standards and future cabling standards required for copper cables. The JDSU Certifier40G drives maximum value with a flexible, cost-effective permanent link design, field rugged casing, and simple modular upgrade path. The identical local and remote units make inventory and repair easier. The wide frequency range of the base feature set eliminates further license costs when upgrading for new technologies.


  • Improve installer productivity up to 50 percent by eliminating unnecessary walking between local and remote units, with a Touch2 system that lets them view and analyse test results at both ends
  • Protect your investment with the most advanced tester in the market that certifies beyond TIA-568/ISO 11801 standards, with a > 2000 MHz measurement frequency
  • Quickly increase the productivity of new and experienced installers using the revolutionary large touch screen with intuitive user interface

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