ADSL2 / VDSL2 Copper Lines Test Set (Telstra / ISGM approved)

JDSU / VIAVI HST-3000-TMG-BV ADSL2 / VDSL2 Copper Lines Test Set (Telstra / ISGM approved)


Full Featured Copper and Bonded ADSL2+/VDSL2
Tester Functionality - HST3000-TMG-BV



If you looking for the ONX Next Generation Multi-function VDSL2 Copper Lines Test Set, click here






  • ADSL2+ / VDSL2 Tester - Full compatibility range of ADSL1, ADSL 2, ADSL2+ and VDSL2, bonded ADSL and boned VDSL testing utilising the latest Broadcom Corporation chipset.
  • Time Domain Reflectometer/Pulse Echo Tester - Detect and locate faults such as opens, shorts, bridged taps and wet sections
  • Resistive Fault Locator - Resistive fault detection and location
  • Digital Volt Ohm Meter - DC/AC Voltage, Current, Resistance, Distance to Short, Leakage
  • Spectral Analysis - Identify the characteristics of a noise source
  • Wideband TIMS - Detect noise with specific band filters, SNR, Return loss and cross talk from far and near end
  • POTS Calls - Places POTS call for connectivity with exchange
  • Caller Idendification (CLID) Testing
  • Load Coil Detection - Detect distance location of loading coils
  • Balance - Longitudinal balance, resistive balance, capacitive balance
  • Opens Measurement - Measure capacitance and loop length
  • Advanced IP Suite - Test advanced IP traffic protocols and throughput
  • FTP Software Option - Transfer data via FTP protocol
  • Web Browser - Check connectivity and utilise online services


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