Understanding 5G Health Impacts and EMF | TMG Test Equipment In this blog, we offer a recap of our latest webinar on the health and compliance aspects of the 5G network’s electromagnetic fields. Click here to learn more.

5G Health Impacts EMF Testing

EMF Webinar Recap


Webinar Recap: Testing the Health Impact (and Compliance) of Electromagnetic Fields Produced by 5G Radios


We would like to begin by extending our thanks to everyone whose attendance made our most recent webinar a success. For those who were unable to attend, we would like to use this blog to offer a quick recap of the main topic: the health impact of electromagnetic fields (EMF) and how radio frequency analysis technology is used to measure this.

As wireless technology continues to evolve and proliferate, wireless networks densify to meet demand for greater data throughput. Despite the many advantages, no new technology is without its risks, and the densification of networks along with power and frequency changes has brought with it higher human exposure to EMF.

And yet these risks are often misunderstood. Despite widespread concerns over the advent of the 5G network, experts believe that the higher frequencies that 5G operate in, have minimal biological impact and 5G radio waves are just as safe as 4G/LTE. It is likely that a lack of understanding around 5G technology, in addition to a lack of consultation with the communities in which the network has been launched, has been responsible for the spread of 5G-related conspiracy theories.


The Biological Effects of EMF on Humans

All base stations generate radio frequency electromagnetic fields (RF EMF), albeit in much lower concentrations than TV and radio stations. Radio frequencies have been proven to penetrate the human body, with the main effect being a rise in temperature of the affected tissue.

For this reason, radio service providers are required to perform continuous measurement of radiation levels to ensure the personal safety of employees and customers as well as compliance with government restrictions.


EMF Testing Methodologies

There are two basic methods of testing EMF; the spectrum method and signal analysis method. The spectrum method is frequency selective, measures all the power in a given band, and is suitable for testing most RF signals, including FDD transmissions. This method is typically implemented using isotropic antennas within a wide frequency range, and gives no indication of which source or radio is contributing to the EMF emissions.

The signal analysis method is code selective and is recommended for use for 5G compliance assessment and as a reference method for 5G NR. It requires 5G NR signal analysis to test constant signals, identifies the emitting radio from pilot signals, and extrapolates emissions of pilot signals to assess maximum power of a fully occupied channel.


TMGís Testing Solutions

The VIAVI OneAdvisor-800 EMF Analyzer is capable of both code-based and spectrum-based analysis. This unit offers the user unparalleled speed, simplicity, and accuracy for cell-site deployment and maintenance Ė a cost-effective, all-in-one EMF testing solution.

The isotropic antenna performs accurate measurements of RF field strength and EMF with a clear PASS/FAIL indication, while the code-centric EMF measurement shows the EMF power of multiple beams from multiple PCI with extrapolation capability.

The OneAdvisor-800 is designed to ensure EMF levels comply with the Independent Commission of Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP). Its test functions include fibre cable verification, coaxial cable verification, real-time spectrum and interference analysis, and signal analysis.


Part 2 in Our EMF Testing Series

EMF Webinar Banner

Part two of this webinar series will be taking place on the 24th of June from 2-3pm AEST. For this webinar, we will be discussing the challenges posed to networks by 5G and EMF technology and deep-dive into EMF-testing and interference-hunting solutions. Click here to find out more and register on Zoom.


Contact TMG Today for Complete Testing Solutions

The VIAVI OneAdvisor-800 EMF Analyzer is just one example of the industry-leading, worldclass testing solutions we are able to offer our clients. 

To find out more about the OneAdvisor 800 or any of our other telecommunications, RF, and general purpose test equipment, contact us today.

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