TMG’s Equipment for Antenna Alignment Optimal antenna alignment is critical to the health of your network. This blog looks at the latest tools helping operators get it right first time, every time.

TMG’s Equipment for Antenna Alignment | 3Z VIAVI

TMG’s Equipment for Antenna Alignment | VIAVI 3Z RF Vision
Optimal antenna alignment is critical to 5G. This blog looks at the latest tools helping operators get it right first time, every time.

Understanding Antenna Alignment

Virtually all forms of infrastructure in 2022 rely heavily on wireless networks. From telecommunications to our financial systems and power supply, you would be hard-pressed to name a service that does not use extensive wireless networks. TMG provides carriers with the equipment they need to test and monitor their networks, from MPO inspection to all-in-one OTDRs and Cable Antenna Analysers like the VIAVI OneAdvisor-800. With so much depending on these networks and Operators paying millions of dollars to set them up, it is vitally important that they achieve the correct antenna alignment. In this blog, we will discuss how antenna alignment works, why it is so important, and what technologies are being used to make it more accurate.

Why Does Antenna Alignment Matter?

In order to send a clear, strong signal, the beam of an antenna needs to have a direct and unobstructed path to the receiving antenna. If the antenna is not perfectly aligned or if there are obstructions in the way, the quality of the signal will be diminished. A poor signal results in coverage gaps, poor network performance, and ultimately a loss of revenue for the service provider.

What Tools Are Used for Antenna Alignment?

Until relatively recently, the process for antenna alignment was surprisingly low tech, with technicians using compasses to perform the delicate task, which were replaced in recent years by GPS devices and rangefinders. As well as being time consuming, the results were often inaccurate. Today, carriers use 5G radio modelling software to plan out their networks, but even these can fail to accurately identify RF obstructions. The 3Z RF Vision Antenna Alignment Tool from VIAVI is at the forefront of a new generation of tools offering carriers a much faster and more accurate method of aligning antennas and reducing interference from RF obstructions.

The Viavi 3Z RF Vision Antenna Alignment Tool

The 3Z RF Vision Antenna Alignment Tool allows technicians to quickly and accurately achieve antenna alignment even in high-density urban areas. The 3Z RF Vision uses GNSS dual-frequency technology to precisely measure the three parameters required (azimuth, tilt, and roll) and adjust alignment accordingly. The device includes a built-in camera that sends a live line-of-sight view. The 5-inch touch-screen display uses augmented reality to apply a cross-hair and bullseye to the live image, allowing the operator to see the exact alignment in real-time and optimise antenna orientation. The 3Z RF Vision also makes it easy to generate reports in PDF format which can be shared from any smart device.

The Viavi IoA-ioT for Antennas

Once the antenna has been precisely aligned and set up, ongoing monitoring is required to ensure it stays that way. Environmental factors like strong winds or earthquakes, as well as mishandling or structural faults, can cause the antenna to become misaligned, while new structures can create obstructions for the beam. The Viavi IoA-IoT is a monitoring sensor that attaches to the antenna and measures changes in the three key measurements. All changes to antenna alignment are recorded and uploaded to the cloud, which operators can access remotely at any time.

When used together, these tools from Viavi allow carriers to reduce operational expenditures, improve the quality and speed of data traffic, and avoid customer churn resulting from poor service.

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