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Understanding 5G by VIAVI

Understanding 5G Deployment


Understanding 5G: A Practical Guide to Deploying and Maintaining 5G Networks

Updated with new O-RAN content to give you the how and why of 5G network deployment and operation


Technology vendors, network equipment and device manufacturers, and service providers worldwide have begun offering 5G products and services–yet 5G technical standards are still evolving.

ATo help business executives and network professionals understand the path to 5G implementation and adoption, VIAVI is pleased to introduce the 2nd edition of Understanding 5G: A Practical Guide to Deploying and Operating 5G Networks.

The latest in our series of 5G industry references, Understanding 5G explores the revolutionary architecture and describes how each segment of the 5G network is redesigned to provide the promised characteristics and benefits. This indispensable reference breaks the complex technology into distinct categories containing the critical details necessary for multiple audiences. In addition, it addresses new use cases and applications that define the sixth technological evolution era.

“This book examines with great details all the technologies involved in 5G service-based architecture (SBA), all the way from radio access to core network.  It also gives an overview of the evolution from GSM to where we are today and reviews network optimization—another area VIAVI Solutions has deep expertise—as well as the role of artificial intelligence and machine learning in wireless communications.”

— Stephan Teral, Technology Fellow, Telecommunications


Download the Guide and it's Supplement here:



  • The 5G Evolution Story
  • 5G New Radio &Radio Access Transport Networks
  • 5G Core & Cellular Internet of Things (CIoT)
  • 5G Automation and Optimisation & more…



  • The Case for Testing 5G
  • Network Validations, Verification and Visibility
  • 3 Phases - Test, Measurement & Assurance
  • O-RAN Based Networks & much more…


TMG’s 5G Test & Measurement Solutions:

Covering the entirety of the 5G deployment and maintenance landscape



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