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FibreconX Selects the TMG & VIAVI ONMSi for their unique Dark Fibre Build

FibreconX Selects the TMG & VIAVI ONMSi for Dark Fibre Build  

FibreconX Selects the TMG & VIAVI ONMSi for Monitoring their Dark Fibre Network

FibreconX needed an Optical Network Management System for their first-of-its-kind high capacity dark fibre network. A unique network such as theirs, required a unique solution.

TMG together with VIAVI Solutions were able to customise the ONMSi solution to integrate (via API) with the FibreconX bespoke ticketing system and to ensure that the solution could be expanded to national and eventually international coverage, keeping pace with the rapid growth of the FibreconX network.

"We picked TMG because of the quality of their end-to-end solution & responsive support throughout the “proof of concept” phase of the project. They provided a compact solution which delivered the number of ports we required from day one, with the option to expand as the network adds new routes. The ONMSi segmentation feature offered flexible communication options and support for web-services-based API integration with our inventory and ticketing systems."

-  Michael (Director, Product & Customer Experience) FibreconX

Thanks to the VIAVI ONMSi, FibreconX gained immediate on-demand visibility into network performance. Network performance is typically measured only at installation and at time of repair, providing a limited view of actual fibre performance. However, with ONMSi, FibreconX can check the status of the network in real time and can start small and scale-up as the need arises.

Because ONMSi detects fibre degradation before any service outage, maintenance can be planned efficiently, to synchronize with other network interventions. Truck rolls and interventions can be kept to a minimum while ensuring improved network performance.

  FibreconX Selects the TMG & VIAVI ONMSi for Dark Fibre Build  

Who are FibreconX?

FibreconX is the only carrier in Australia offering near real-time dark fibre services.

Since foundation in 2019, FibreconX has focused on providing near real-time access to high-performance dark fibre, with guaranteed capacity and pricing. This revolutionary product and service offers ISPs, managed service providers, cloud & content providers, and carriers a distinct and substantial advantage over incumbent providers.

DESIGNED FOR PERFORMANCE - An unrivalled network infrastructure

FibreconX is committed to delivering high performance dark fibre services utilising our own optimised duct network. This enables FibreconX to meet the future growth demands for high capacity fibre from emerging digital markets.


FibreconX designed and constructed purpose-built ducts to offer express, diverse paths between data centre regions. Having this dedicated pit-and-pipe infrastructure has enabled FibreconX to significantly reduce the physical fibre length between all major data centres, often providing a 30% reduction in fibre distance between key locations. Coupled with high-capacity fibre cables and extremely high-density fiber splicing termination in data centres, FibreconX has built an unparalleled network which supports pre-spliced/pre-tested dark fibre.


To enable FibreconX's partners to take advantage of this high capacity/high performance network, the systems and processes had to be intuitive, responsive, and real time. The FibreconX ‘FUSION’ portal gives partners full visibility and extensive control of their FibreconX service.

Partners can use ‘FUSION’ to qualify the path between data centres, confirm available dark fibre pairs, download the KML of the fibre path, receive instant pricing, download quotations, and order their dark fibre services, rapidly and all in one automated interaction. Within seconds the dark fibre service is live, the partner is notified and receives their data centre handoff details.

Tomorrows Network Today

FibreconX has completed its initial roll-out of dedicated pit, pipe and fibre infrastructure, connecting all major data centres across Sydney. Work has now commenced on an equivalent data centre network in Melbourne, as well as the deployment of high-capacity fibre into corporate offices within the CBDs of Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane and other major cities within the Asia Pacific region.

  Spotlight OTU-5000  

What is the VIAVI ONMSi?

The VIAVI ONMSi is a remote fibre test system (RFTS) that scans the fibre network 24/7 and automatically detects and locates faults without having to dispatch technicians in the field. Based on industry-leading VIAVI optical technologies, an OUT integrating an optical time domain reflectometer (OTDR) and an optical switch constantly compares data to a baseline and sends alarms if any fibre degradation occurs.

Users can track fibre degradation where fibres are becoming crushed or bent and signal impairment is a result. No outage will be present yet, but performance issues can arise. Because connectors are the number one issue affecting fibre plants, a dirty, damaged, or disconnected connector can be seen immediately. Other on-demand use cases include switching the OTDR to a specific DWDM wavelength and conducting a troubleshooting test to see if there is a fibre problem vs. an active element problem where the OLT or ONT/ONU might not be performing to standard.

The VIAVI OTU-5000 is the hero behind the scenes!

The system chosen by FibreconX is made up of multiple OTU-5000 test units. The VIAVI OTU-5000 is the most compact rack-mounted, remote OTDR testing unit on the market. Combining optical time-domain reflectometry (OTDR) and optical-switch technology, the OTU-5000 offers continuous monitoring of multiple fibres anywhere in the network. With hundreds of km to cover, FibreconX couldn’t have made a better choice. With just a single rack unit, you can simultaneously monitor 72 fibres of over 100km.

Contact TMG Today for Complete Testing Solutions

TMG offers our clients cost-effective, value-added solutions in procurement, rental, repair, and calibration services. To find out more about the VIAVI ONMSi, OTU-5000 or any of our other telecommunications, RF, and general purpose test equipment, contact us today.

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