VIAVI OTU-5000 Optical Test Unit | TMG Test Equipment The VIAVI OTU-5000 Optical Test Unit is available at TMG Test Equipment. Ensure high-quality optical network performance with this advanced test unit.

VIAVI OTU-5000 | Product Spotlight

Spotlight OTU-5000


Product Spotlight: VIAVI OTU-5000 Optical Test Unit


Since first opening our doors in 1994, TMG has built a reputation as an industry leader in the supply of test equipment, gas detection kits, safety equipment, and other tools to contractors around Australia. We partner with innovative product developers and scour the world to bring our clients the most advanced test equipment the industry has to offer.


Our Partnership with VIAVI

VIAVI Solutions, for whom TMG is the only Master Distributor in Australia, create world-class copper, HFC, fibre-optic, and transmission-testing technologies. On a recent visit to Wellness Business Park in Toowoomba, our Industry Specialist, Darren Harris, had the opportunity to see a demonstration of the VIAVI OTU-5000 Optical Test Unit from one of our satisfied customers.


Spotlight OTU-5000

ďI really enjoyed my day at Wellness Business Park in Toowoomba. Ryan of Wagners kindly demonstrated the Viavi OTU-5000 Fibre Monitoring System they purchased from TMG. This is used to monitor the health of their fibre network connecting Toowoomba Airport and other commercial buildings in the park. Ryan explained, if there is a problem on the network, they will be alerted instantly with the location of the fault. Meaning any problems will be resolved quickly.Ē Ė Darren Harris, Fiber Specialist at TMG Test Equipment


Overview of the VIAVI OTU-5000

The OTU-5000 is the most compact rack-mounted, remote OTDR testing unit on the market. Combining optical time-domain reflectometry (OTDR) and optical-switch technology, the OTU-5000 offers continuous monitoring of multiple fibres anywhere in the network. With just a single rack unit, you can simultaneously monitor 72 fibres of over 100km.


The OTU-5000 can be paired with VIAVI ONMSi and SmartOTU software. The SmartOTU application allows the user to set up monitoring quickly and requires no special training; the ONMSi software offers a feature-rich, network-wide monitoring system while monitoring multiple OTUs. Once set up, the OTU-500 quickly identifies any degradation in the fibres. The system then promptly notifies the operator and provides the exact coordinates of the fault, allowing for fast, proactive repair before further degradation begins to affect service.


Practical applications of the OTU-5000 include:

  • Fiber monitoring by service providers, data centers, utilities, and dark fiber providers;
  • Detection of fiber tapping for critical applications;
  • Monitoring of manholes, cabinets, and other infrastructural components, and;
  • FFTx construction, provisioning, and maintenance tests.


Advantages of the OTU-5000

The OTU-5000 ensures consistently good service throughout construction, service activation, and beyond. By detecting minor faults in fibers occurring anywhere in the network, it is able to anticipate service disruptions before they happen. The unitís high sensitivity to faults means that it performs this operation in minutes rather than hours, greatly reducing the time required for repair. By detecting and locating fiber intrusion, the unit protects the integrity and security of your network.


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TMG offers our clients cost-effective, value-added solutions in procurement, rental, repair, and calibration services. To find out more about the VIAVI OTU-5000 or any of our other telecommunications, RF, and general purpose test equipment, contact us today.

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