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How to Detect a Gas Leak Source

Gas Detectors

How to Detect a Gas Leak Source


In order to protect your family, colleagues and yourself, itís vital to know how to detect a gas leak. This advice extends from the home, to work, or anywhere youíll be spending prolonged periods of time, especially indoors.


Gas poisoning caused by an undetected gas leak can cause symptoms such as headaches, dizziness, fatigue, loss of consciousness, suffocation and eventually death. 


This will all depend on the type of gas, the size of the leak and many other health-related factors, but the dangers remain equally undesirable. 


To avoid these symptoms ever occurring, gas detectors can be bought and installed in many shapes and sizes. Some come in portable, handheld designs, while permanent detectors can be fitted to your home or office like a smoke alarm. 


Of course, gas detectors are just one method of doing so. This blog will discuss a range of ways to detect a gas leak, plus, weíll offer a range of products if youíre in the market for more reassurance.


Use Your Senses


If you sense that something isnít quite right in a place that you often inhabit, trust yourself Ė it often isnít.


This includes gas leaks, as detected by our sense of smell, hearing, and even sight. 


While many gases are hard to detect due to their transparency and lack of scent, there are ways around this. Many gas suppliers add a foul smell to their gas to make it easily detectable. If you smell something akin to rotten eggs in your house for no apparent reason, itís normal to suspect a gas leak has occurred. 


If youíre close enough, you may be able to hear a gas leak coming from somewhere like your stove or heating system, giving you a sure sign that something is wrong. 


If you suspect a leak, try the soapy water test: cover the suspected source with a solution of detergent and water and check if more bubbles are appearing. If they are, this would indicate the release of unwanted gas and should be checked by a professional immediately. 


Alarmingly High Gas Bills


Depending on your situation, itís relatively normal to receive a gas bill thatís slightly higher than usual. Some jurisdictions in Australia dictate that suppliers are not permitted to change their rates more than once every three or four months. 


However, if you canít put the sudden increase in your gas bill down to higher usage or a price increase, you may have suffered a leak. Be aware, a gas leak would likely raise the price by hundreds of dollars a month, but itís always better to be cautious with such a safety risk. 


If you suspect your gas bill has increased due to a leak, contact your supplier and have them recommend a course of action. This will likely involve the services of a professional technician. 


Buy a Gas Detector


TMG has been proudly providing testing equipment to professionals for almost 20 years, helping them and their clients to keep safe. 


Our gas detectors are no exception Ė we supply products from quality brands like Honeywell because we value accuracy and reliability. 


A quick search through our website for gas detectors will reveal several of the best options, each made to suit specific needs. 


For at-home detection, the Honeywell GasAlertMicroClip is perfect in providing quick reassurance. This handheld device has a one-button operation/calibration function, with a simple screen for easy reading. 


For more industrial applications, the Honeywell GasAlertQuattro comes with a confined space entry kit. The same simple design helps technicians to deliver fast reassurance with reliable results and the interchangeable rechargeable battery pack ensures this product is always ready to go. 


Need to Know More?


If your questions havenít quite been answered here, please get in touch with our friendly team as they are passionate about keeping you safe from gas leaks. 


We love the opportunity to match the right gas detector with your needs, so let us know where youíll be using it and we will recommend the perfect product.

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