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The Benefits of a Pipe Locator

Pipe Locator

The Benefits of a Pipe Locator

A pipe locator is a device that can detect the location of underground pipes. Whether itís a gas, water, electricity or internet pipe, these reliable machines can pin-point their location easily. 

Itís important that builders and excavators use pipe locators prior to beginning a project. Should they commence a job without knowing if there are pipes located under their project area, then theyíre at risk of doing more harm than good while working on their project.

In this blog, we explore the benefits of using a pipe locator before you kick-start your next big project.

Easy to Use

Pipe locators usually come with two parts Ė the transmitter and receiver. The transmitter will induce a signal onto the nearest pipe, while the receiver will pinpoint the position of the pipe. 

One such combination of a premium transmitter and receiver is the Radiodetection RD8000. The sleek, ergonomic design of the receiver makes the locator easy to hold for extended periods of time. The transmitterís digital platform allows you to be in control of its power and frequency. 

But there are some pipe locators on the market that have fused both of these parts into one convenient system. The Sensors and Software LMX100 is an excellent example of this fusion. Its mower-like design allows the user to easily push the device around to detect any pipes.

Reduces the Risk of Damage

Before commencing any build or excavation, itís important that those on the project scope out the area to detect any underground pipes. This can reduce the risk of damaging pipes when you first start digging or building.

Builders and excavators will gain a good understanding of the pipeís location, therefore being able to work around it. Should they damage the pipe and cause a leak of some kind, it can prove detrimental to the project.

For example, if an excavator unknowingly starts digging above a gas pipe and causes it to crack or break, it can spell disaster for both the people working on the project and the project itself. If the pipe is damaged beyond repair, then the whole gas system in this scenario will have to be replaced. This can cause an exponential delay to the project, while also costing hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars to fix.

Should one of the pipes break onsite, it can also cause potential harm to the builders or excavators exposed to the leak. If they become exposed or harmed because of the broken pipe, then it will likely cause the project to stall and remain unaccomplished for some time.

Streamlining Future Projects

When you use a pipe locator, it collects data about what lies beneath the ground. Most locators allow you to export reports, maps and data about the pipes underneath the projectís site. This means you can utilise this data to plan future projects on that site, should the pipes remain unmoved.

Locate Your Pipes Today!

Pipe locators are a valuable asset to any building or excavation project. They can be the tool that saves you time and money, and ensures your project runs smoothly.

If youíre unsure about which pipe locator suits your project, then get in touch with TMG Test Equipment today! Our team of experts will help you find what youíre looking for.

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