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The Importance of Antenna Alignment

The Importance of Antenna Alignment

If youíre toying with the idea of cord-cutting but still want to watch a cheeky soap or two, then having proper antenna alignment is crucial. Having a correctly installed antenna allows you to tune into and watch free-to-air TV whenever you want. 

To ensure you get the best possible result when watching TV, your antenna needs to be properly aligned. When not aligned correctly, your antenna will underperform and make for a lackluster TV viewing experience. 

In this blog, we share the best tips and tricks for antenna alignment so that when your antenna is properly aligned you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your show!

Visual Alignment

There are many ways you can align your antenna when youíre installing one in or on your home. One of the most common methods of antenna alignment is visual adjustments. This means you make adjustments, so the antenna faces a TV transmitter, which is a large tower that is often visible from your home. 

But in instances where you canít see a TV transmitter, you can adjust the alignment of your antenna based on the position of other antennas in your area. Regularly test the antenna during the alignment stage to finalise its position for the best connection to your TV.

Smartphone Apps

If a hands-on approach isnít for you, then you might be able to align your antenna via a smartphone app. An app can help you determine where the closest television transmitter is in relation to you and your antenna. These apps use the location and orientation functionalities on your phone to ensure the best possible results.

If youíre traveling in a campervan and donít have a steady Wi-Fi connection for streaming, you can set up, then watch free-to-air TV easily. There are many apps you can download in advance, such as Digital TV Antennas, to help you align your antenna when youíre between different legs of your trip.

Signal Strength Metres

A single-strength metre is an efficient way of checking the alignment of your antenna. Signal strength metres measure the strength of the frequency waves that travel through the air, such as frequency waves for TV. 

It enables you to find the direction of the strongest broadcast signals, allowing you to adjust your antenna to receive and transmit strong signals. The measurements used on these trusty devices are Modulation Error Ratios (MER), Bit Error Rates (BER), and Decibels (dB).

For a good, reliable TV connection, itís recommended that your MET is at least 25 dB. Products such as the VIAVI 3Z-RFV-CAMD can help you align your antenna when the environment around you changes, ensuring that you have a strong TV signal year-round.

Itís All About Alignment

No matter if you use a smartphone app or rely on visual cues, having excellent antenna alignment is vital to a good TV-viewing experience. It bolsters the signal your TV receives and transmits, ensuring that you consistently have good access to free-to-air TV.

These antenna alignment techniques can have varied results depending on where you live and the coverage in your area. If youíre in doubt about how best to align your antenna, or donít know where to start, then you can contact us today and we can help you out.

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