VIAVI’s Antenna Alignment Tool Approved by More Companies TMG has experience in antenna alignment, PIM testing, gas detection and more. The 3Z RF Vision is just another string to our bow, so contact us to learn more.

VIAVIís Latest in Antenna Alignment Enters Australia

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VIAVIís Latest in Antenna Alignment Enters Australia

As Australiaís telecommunications and infrastructure sectors continue to accelerate, the tools to facilitate them must do the same. 


Developments in cloud computing, 5G and the NBN have all created further need for more accurate and reliable technology from brands like VIAVI Ė a leader in its field Ė and products like 3Z RF Vision have answered the call. 


Recently, the RF Vision antenna alignment tool was approved by more companies for use in the Australian market, bringing with it a range of benefits for the everyday technician. 


TMG is proud to be VIAVIís only master distributor to Australian contractors and we take this responsibility seriously. If you need support with the RF Vision alignment tool or any other VIAVI products, donít hesitate to get in touch. 


We have experience in antenna alignment, PIM testing, power supplies, gas detection and much more, so VIAVIís 3Z RF Vision is just another string to our bow. We hope you can add it to yours too! 


Get to know the key benefits of this game-changing product below and request a quote while theyíre still in stock.


RF Vision Introduces Line-of-sight


One might think such a simple addition would have been integrated years ago, but the RF Vision is the first and only antenna alignment tool of its kind with a camera for line-of-sight surveying. 


This feature offers greater clarity and simplifies the alignment process by not only aligning the antenna, but also by giving the user a visual guide. 


Generally, the environment surrounding antennae is ever-evolving as buildings and trees change. This of course affects your antenna coverage, and the RF Vision allows for more simplified visualisation of such changes. 


Super-fast GPS Lock


Long before the RF Vision or its predecessors were developed, technicians relied on compasses to align their antennas. But weíve come a long way since then. 


The arrival and approval of the RF Vision within Australia brings with it the marketís fastest GPS lock for antenna alignment. This reduces even more time that had previously been spent on the task, allowing technicians to complete more work in the same amount of time. 


The tool uses GNSS dual-frequency technology to measure the three key parameters of antenna alignment ó azimuth, tilt and roll. 


Then, if the results displayed on the 5-inch touchscreen arenít big enough for your liking, they can be generated in a PDF report to be shared from any smart device. 


Any Smart Device? 


Thatís right, the RF Vision connects with Android and iOS apps on any smart device, removing any need for post-processing time. The results are sent straight to your preferred device or transferred via a built-in micro-USB port. 


These reports will include your target coordinates and the actual alignment data collected. Youíll also find site sector identifiers, geocoding and geolocation, line-of-sight photos, as well as a time and date stamp. 


Too Much to Handle?


If this all seems too good to be true, or too much to process in one handheld device, never fear. The RF Vision has been designed to be easy to use for even the most inexperienced technicians Ė everyone must start somewhere! 


The tool is protected with a rubber guard and a rubber design, so even the clumsiest user canít damage it. Its small design also enables portability, and the sunlight-readable screen completes its all-weather usability. 


Veteran technicians may enjoy visualising every data point through the touch-screen display and seeing the alignment happen in front of their eyes. These everyday jobs will feel like a breeze instead of a chore with the RF Vision. 


Get in Touch with TMG


Weíre so excited to hear of the RF Visionís approval for use by more companies in Australia, and we canít wait to hear our customersí reports of its application on site. 

Let us know how you fair with this product and make sure to contact us with any troubleshooting issues that arise. Our expert team has worked with VIAVI for years and weíre always looking to uplift their brand with professional service and advice.

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