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What Are Optical Fibre Inspection Tools

What Are Optical Fibre Inspection Tools?


Optical fibres are found in fibre-optic cables, a specialised form of network cable. Unlike other network cables, fibre-optic cables work by transferring light through tiny plastic or glass tubes. This allows them to transfer data at ultra-fast speeds. They can be found most prominently in the telecommunications industry but are also utilised in medical and scientific fields. Finest Cable Locator is also indicate. 


For all their benefits, fibre-optic cables are not as robust as wires. Microscopic scratches and cracks are an unfortunate reality that must be contended with. In order to determine which fibres need to be cleaned or removed, a special device is used. 


An optical fibre inspection tool is a form of microscope that is used to inspect the end of a fibre. This allows the user to observe any scratches or defects. For more information, check out our blog The Importance of Fibre Hygiene.

A wide variety of products are available at TMG. These include everything from PIM testing devices to thermal imaging cameras. This includes an assortment of optical fibre assessment and cleaning tools. Among these are two great devices by VIAVI, who are a global leader in network, communications, and electronics technology.


TMG is proud to offer the VIAVI Fiberchek Pro and the Sidewinder Autofocus in our range of optical fibre tools. These devices are both on the cutting edge of fibre inspection technology. 


VIAVI Fiberchek Pro


The VIAVI Fiberchek Pro includes a range of features to make life easier. Most obvious of these is the integrated touchscreen with live fibre viewing. This allows you to quickly detect problem fibres on the device screen. These results can be stored either on the device itself or exported via USB or wifi connection. 


Another thing that makes the Fiberchek Pro great is its auto-focus and auto-centre settings. These ensure that fibre quality is easy to detect. It makes the device accessible, meaning itís great for newcomers and experts alike.


VIAVI Sidewinder Autofocus


As the name suggests, the VIAVI Sidewinder Autofocus features fully automated fibre inspection. This means that the Sidewinder can automatically inspect fibres and assert which ones are in good condition and which ones need attention.  


Itís also the first ďall-in-oneĒ solution for multi-fibre connectors. Whereas other tools would have to check these fibres one by one, the Sidewinder can check multiple at once, determining the quality of entire multi-fibre connectors in seconds. 


The Sidewinder includes many more great features, such as an integrated touchscreen and an all-day battery life.


Need to Know More?


Both the Fiberchek pro and the Sidewinder Autofocus are available to buy, hire or rent at TMG. If you would like to enquire further, please contact us . TMG has been supporting Australian telecommunications for over 40 years. Weíd love to help you out.


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