Viavi Compact OSA-110-Series: CWDM-DWM-ROADM Compact full band optical spectrum analyzers for CWDM, DWDM and ROADM systems testing. OSA-110 Viavi OSA-110 TMG Test Equipment
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Viavi Compact OSA-110-Series: CWDM-DWM-ROADM

Viavi Compact OSA-110-Series: CWDM-DWM-ROADM
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Viavi Compact OSA-110-Series: CWDM-DWM-ROADM

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VIAVI offers a full range of compact OSAs tailored for spectral measurements in CWDM syst​ems in the access network as well as DWDM systems in the backbone and in for Next Generation 40G/ or 100G high-speed networksbackbone. The range also features an OSA version for ROADM-based systems or 40G networks with tight channel spacing, providing true OSNR measurements based on VIAVI’s unique in-band OSNR method.


  • Optimized mobility with a light and portable OSA
  • Suitable for all CWDM to DWDM applications down to 33GHz channel spacing
  • minimize training with an easy, consistent graphical interface with auto Pass/Fail analysis on a large, high-visibility color touchscreen
  • Future-proof signal analysis for 40/100G testing and new modulation formats
  • True in-band OSNR measurements in ROADM and 40G networks with tight channel spacing


  • DWDM Metro and Core networks deployment and maintenance
  • CWDM systems in CATV, Access, and Mobile Backhaul installation and maintenance
  • High-speed 40G/100G interfaces verification
  • ROADM networks provisioning and troubleshooting

Key Features

  • Full-band measurement: 1250nm up to 1650nm
  • ±0.05nm wavelength accuracy guaranteed with built-in wavelength calibrator
  • High Power measurement version (up to +30dBm) for CATV applications (OSA-110H)
  • In-band OSNR measurement version (OSA-110R)
  • Compatible with the T-BERD/MTS-6000A, -8000 Platforms

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