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Regatron G5.BS - Battery Simulator Series

Regatron G5.BS - Battery Simulator Series
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Regatron G5.BS - Battery Simulator Series


TestThe G5.BS series is bidirectional regenerative. It was developed specifically for the simulation of energy storage devices and batteries and is suitable for use in laboratories and on test benches.

The modular and finely graded G5.BS series is characterized by highly dynamic response times and a wide current-voltage range with an auto-ranging factor 3. The power supplies are equipped with the powerful application software BatSim and reproduce the electro- chemical and electrical properties of different battery types in charge and discharge mode realistically and in real time. This is done on the basis of battery models that can be configured easily and conveniently. 

Battery Simulation Features

The G5.BS series realistically and dynamically simulates both the electro-chemical and electrical properties of a battery type in charge and discharge mode. Other features include high data resolution and options for meeting high safety standards for operators. The real-time computing process of the application software BatSim perfectly matches the internal timing of the DC power supply. Therefore, an optimum computing rate is achieved leading to very short response times even in cases of steep changes in charge/discharge currents. Each battery type reacts in a specific manner to charge and discharge currents in terms of state of charge, cell voltage, ohmic and parametric losses, and polarization effects. These dependencies are considered by specific mathematical models used in the REGATRON BatSim software/firmware. The operator can fine tune the model with several well-defined parameters to adjust the simulation to a user’s requirement.

Features such as adjustable controller settings and the integrated powerful 8-channel digital scope assist the user to quickly and easily achieve optimal system behaviour for a special application requirement. The G5.BS series also offers the possibility to store, edit and recall any device configuration on board the power supply.

  • Models of the following battery types are available for configuration:
    • Li-ion
    • lead-acid
    • NiMH
    • NiCd.

The excellent current and voltage accuracy, the fast current rise time, and the powerful integrated CAN multi-protocol interface enable tests with a high temporal and electrical resolution. The specialized application software BatSim allows the user to set many test parameter values and even to define complex test procedures. Therefore, the versatile G5.BS series is best suited for testing a large range of batteries.

Modular and Easy Scalable Systems

The output of an individual battery module/pack-simulating system is in the range from 0...18 kW to 0...2000+ kW, up to 1500 VDC. Higher voltages are available on request. The advantageous modularity of REGATRON power supply solutions allows the system to be easily adapted to ever changing test requirements. Not only is it possible to reconfigure between parallel, series, and mixed operation, but also to expand the system with additional power supply units or to split it into smaller units. Therefore, the purchase of a REGATRON battery simulator is a solid investment for the future.

Relevant industry sectors:

  • Automotive drive tests
  • Drive train development
  • Drive technology R+D
  • Battery cell and stack development and simulation
  • Electrical storage system simulation (batteries)
  • Airborne on-board supply system simulation
  • Marine on-board supply system tests and simulation
G5.Control Software
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