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Regatron G5.SAS - Solar Array (PV) Simulators

Regatron G5.SAS - Solar Array (PV) Simulators
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Regatron G5.SAS - Solar Array (PV) Simulators


TestREGATRON's versatile and modular PV Simulators are known to fully meet the stringent requirements of various user groups such as solar inverter manufacturers, scientific institutes, engineering service providers, grid operators, testing laboratories, and certification and approval providers. Power inverter development, production testing, and laboratory use are equally important areas of application.


Like real solar arrays, the DC power supplies of the G5.SAS series are unidirectional sources. With the special requirements of solar array simulation in mind, these power supply units feature especially low capacitance values in the output filter stage and switchable earth leakage resistors for adaptation to the insulation measurement of the DUT. The very high resolution of voltage and current, as well as the high system dynamics, enable precise maintaining of the phase conditions and thus a realistic simulation.


The powerful application software SASControl opens up convenient possibilities both for the definition of specific array curves and for the live-assessment of static and dynamic MPP tracking. I-V curves are calculated with high accuracy in real time. SASControl fully complies with the efficiency measurement procedures for maximum power point tracking (MPPT) in solar inverters as described in EN 50530. Core to the application software SASControl is a versatile script programming system which allows the easy implementation of individual programming sequences. Report generation of measured data is included.


REGATRON also offers the appropriate test equipment for the mains side of the solar inverter to be developed/tested: The Grid Simulators of the TC.ACS series are full 4-quadrant regenerative 3-phase AC sources. Starting at a power level of 30 kVA, complete DC & AC testing solutions can be offered. Click here for more information about REGATRON's modular TC.ACS series.


G5.SAS Solar Array Simulators range from 0...18 kW to 0...2400+ kW, up to 1500 VDC. Higher voltages are available. REGATRON's modular concept allows the system to be easily adapted to ever changing test requirements. Not only is it possible to reconfigure between parallel, series, and mixed operation, but also to expand the system with additional power supply units or to split it into smaller units. Therefore, the purchase of a REGATRON PV Simulator is a solid investment for the future.



  • Technologically advanced, fast switching, compact 19-inch DC power supplies
  • High control dynamics in the 100...200 µs range – even at higher power levels
  • Exceptional current accuracy of <0.02% FS, additional high-resolution current measurement range included as standard
  • High degree of efficiency, low acoustic noise
  • Wide current-voltage range with an auto-ranging factor of 3
  • Full digital CV, CC, CP, and Ri-Sim control modes


System Capability

  • Modular and easily scalable systems
  • Parallel, series, and mixed operation with a digital high-speed bus
  • Simple master-slave configuration by means of the operating software
  • Turn-key cabinet solutions up to IP54 available, mobile, or stationary
  • Optional project-specific system integration according to customer specifications
  • Optional safety features such as 2-channel safety interface and insulation monitoring
  • Optional third party product integration, AC/DC connectors, and cables for convenient handling


System Control

  • Operating software: extended analysis, parameterization options, and calibration
  • Powerful application programming interfaces (API)
  • Optional front-panel-integrated control unit HMI with intuitive colour touch screen
  • Versatile application software SASControl: Characteristic curves, live viewer, data collector, MPP tracking, testing according to standards
  • Integrated powerful 8-channel digital scope
G5.Control Software
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