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Inspect Before You Connect ™ Training Videos

This Video Series currently contains the following training videos:

⟹ Inspect Before You Connect Introduction
⟹ Proactive vs. Reactive Inspection
⟹ Importance of Inspecting BOTH Sides of a Connection
⟹ The Importance of Inspecting New Fibre Connectors
⟹ Cleaning Stick vs. a Clicker
⟹ Static Charge and Contamination
⟹ Understanding Fibre Cleaning Solvents
⟹ The Importance of Reliable Cleaning Tools
⟹ Understanding the IEC-61300-3-35 Standard
⟹ The Importance of Automated Pass/Fail Analysis for Fibre Inspection
⟹ The Importance of Documenting Fibre Inspection Results
⟹ The Importance of Investing in Inspection and Cleaning Today

These videos are presented by Tyler Vander Ploeg (VIAVI Solutions) and Brian Teague (MicroCare)

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