Kingfisher KI9828A-APC Instrument Source Instrument Source 1310-1550-1625nm Laser, APC KI9828A-APC KI9828A-APC TMG Test Equipment

Kingfisher KI9828A-APC Instrument Source

Kingfisher KI9828A-APC Instrument Source
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Kingfisher KI9828A-APC Instrument Source

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Tri-Wavelength Optical Laser Source KI9828A-APC

The shirt-pocket size KI 9828A-APC Tri-Wavelength Pocket Fiber Source is ideal for general testing of single mode systems at 1310, 1550 and 1625 nm. It provides, high accuracy and simplicity of use, and has an APC polish connector.

  • Rugged, drop-resistant construction
  • User defeatable auto turn-off
  • Excellent stability
  • Lanyard, shirt pocket clip & padded pouch
  • Tone generator & Multi-Fiber ID function
  • Easy use TamperLock mode
  • Compatible with Autotest power meters
  • Interchangeable connectors
  • Full QA reports with ISO9001 compliant calibration

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