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Hybrid Energy Testing (Regatron)

Hybrid Energy Testing (Regatron)

Expertise and quality in the production of electrical power solutions for the most demanding applications. 

The Swiss company Regatron AG designs, manufactures and sells digital electronic high-power programmable power supplies, intended for professional applications, and in partnership with TMG supports its customers both in the choice of the most appropriate solutions, both in the supply of know-how, specialised software, cabinets and systems, accessories, optional parts and technical support remotely or at the client location.  
AC/DC programmable digital high power, battery emulators, grid simulators, three-phase AC/DC power supplies for bidirectional testing and simulation of batteries, amplifiers, precision linear simulators for photovoltaic inverters, AC sources: a production of excellence spread all over the world.
With over 47 years in electronics manufacturing, Regatron AG has stored a remarkable experience in manufacturing high-quality modular programmable power supplies, and is appreciated by many leading organisations who use TopCon in their factories or laboratories or research and development centers.


Quite a number of processes in laboratory and ATE applications require special DC supplies. 

 Title Keywords with regard to application Type/size

Bidirectional DC supplies with electronic load

  • TopCon RESACT system
  • Controller strategy "Single Authority Control"
  • Fully integrated control and regulation software, function generator
  • Mixed driving and braking drive cycles
  • Accumulator technics, defined load cycles in charge & discharge mode
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Bidirectional power supply systems with feedback of energy into mains

  • Cyclic charge and discharge of energy storage devices, ULTRACAPS, networks
  • Test operation of vehicle drives, converter drives, rail drives
  • Simulation of highly dynamic drive cycles in motor vehicle technology
  • Development and testing of hybrid and alternative drives for vehicles
  • Substitution of batteries and accumulators
  • Substitution of fuel cell stacks and their characteristic curves
  • Development and testing of solar energy components like charge controller and inverter
  • Reactive loads, general high power bidirectional laboratory use
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Modulation and low frequency AC applications
  • Plasma process modulation
  • Modulation for device testing
  • Demagnetization of voluminous workpieces
  • Laboratory applications
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Simulation, substitution of lead acid accumulators, batteries

  • Motor starter - Starter alternator systems
  • Harnesses
  • Halogen and gas discharge lamps
  • Fuel cell simulation
  • Inverter, converter
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Simulation, substitution of solar panels, solar cells

  • Photovoltaics, solar cell, solar panel
  • Testing of solar current grid tie inverter

Plasma arcs, plasma coating, 
surface technology

  • Plasma spraying
  • Plasma sputtering
  • Linear plasma - PVD, CVD
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